“Republicans Are Doing Their Damnedest To Make Sure You Can’t Vote”. It is time to leave.

A study claims that in “preclearance jurisdictions” approximately 2 million more voters were removed from voter rolls. Vox.com provided examples, reporting, “In Arkansas, thousands of voters were erroneously flagged in 2016 as the state sought to cull voters who had been convicted of felonies. In Virginia, voters were wrongly deleted from the rolls in 2013 based on a flawed database that tracked residents who had moved.” Read entire News One article here.

Slavery By Another Name

“A cynical new form of slavery was resurrected from the ashes of the Civil War and re-imposed on hundreds of thousands of African-Americans until the dawn of World War II”

Watch this  PBS video series to understand how our enemy has, and continues, to label us a criminals and enslave us. IT IS TIME FOR US TO LEAVE.