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Computer/IT/Electronic Repair Online Course.
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Learn a trade that will allow you to open and own a business.
Scholarships and discounts available for children, the disabled and senior citizens. Course is taught by Master Computer/IT/Electronic Technician with 45 years of practical real-world experience.

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Michael X Baker

First BlogTalk Radio Show

I am so grateful for the success of our first show! As you stated Dr. Ridgely in your opening, “This (Separation) has to be talked through” and I am confident that our radio platform as well as this website will provide the opportunity for more of us to be actively involved in the process of Separation.

The fact that we are constantly bombarded with the decline and moral decay of this world’s society, I asked myself when thinking on the subject of Separation, what follower of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the guidance of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan would choose not to be part of the process or discussion of Separation in some form or fashion in this hour?

Great Show! AUA!

Greetings From your site Admin

As-Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters.
Thanks for registering with This is not Facebook or Instagram, however WE CONTROL IT. Don’t have to worry about getting sensored (as long as we stay civililzed 🙂  ). Think about this: Why do we use Facebook, Google, and other social media? Mainly because they work and they are free. But are they really free? Since when does the white man give us anything that is free? Did you know that the photos and text you enter in these sites are no longer owned by you once you post them on FB? They use your personal information for marketing purposes to sell things to you and our people. We have no hidden agenda here. Just dialoge and info on why and how we need to move towards land and communities of our own!

Separation is not Segregation

When our people hear us, the Muslims who follow the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, say we want to to separate from white people, many if not most of them equate the word separate as the word segregate. Minister Farrakhan has clearly explained the differences between the two words: Segregation is an imposed separation of a superior upon an inferior. The inferior does not have the power to resist the superior. Continue reading “Separation is not Segregation”

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Bro. Muhammad