This Is A Day of Separation. It is time for us to leave.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that separation is the best and only solution. It is time for us to leave slavery, suffering and death and reach for Freedom, Justice and Equality. However, our people have suffered because they chose integration which is a sin. Now Minister Farrakhan has given us our Final Warning, “Separation or Death”. But what are the steps to take to separate? There are two roads towards separation: either you control the community that you live in or move to a community that you can control. Each of these roads requires different steps and procedures to produce a successful community. Our Mission is to produce a working model for each of these roads with road markers for others to travel. We want a model or pilot project for controlling a community that believers already live in and a pilot project for starting a new community in probably a rural area. – Doc. Ridgely

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